By sleepcounciladmin on July 1, 2016

Temperature, lighting, comfort, gadgets and noise levels all impact on your sleep, and by adjusting these as recommended, you are sure to experience a much more restful night. However, there is also another technique to incorporate into your perfect sleep environment: a relaxation routine.

There are many ways you can relax before bed. Run yourself a warm bubble bath around an hour before bedtime, which will help you to wind down and gently raise your temperature, thus triggering the sleep mechanism. Warm, milky drinks and herbal teas are also a good alternative to a late night caffeinated cuppa or alcohol.

Lavender can also be used as a relaxation method, however it should never be used during pregnancy. If it’s appropriate for you, sprinkle a few drops of essential oil onto your pillow. You could also pop a fragrant diffuser on your bedtime table, or use a night cream that incorporates extracts of lavender.

Swap your late night texting or social media scrolling for a good book. Spending half an hour reading is much more beneficial to your sleep, as bright screens are counterproductive to your sleep cycle. You could also play some soft, soothing music and practice yoga or breathing techniques. All of these activities will put you in the right frame of mind for sleeping.

It’s also highly recommended that arguments are solved before bedtime. Conflicts can leave us stressed and angry, which can make it near impossible to fall asleep. If you’re worried about something or have a heavy workload, make a list that can be revisited the next day. Remember, nothing should prevent you from having a good night’s sleep; it is a basic human right, and everybody deserves to sleep soundly.