Are You Guilty Of Using Technology Before Bedtime?

By sleepcounciladmin on October 1, 2015

Our month long Sleeptember campaign has officially ended and we’ve been busy promoting the healthy benefits of a good night’s sleep with lots of practical tips on how to achieve good quality sleep. One of […]

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Texting Takes Over From Speaking But Doesn’t Help Sleeping

By sleepcounciladmin on July 20, 2012

Text messaging is now the most popular form of daily communication between British adults according to recent reports. The average Briton now sends 200 texts a month which is more than double the figure of […]

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Can’t Sleep? Blame Caffeine, Your Phone, Your Job…

By sleepcounciladmin on April 4, 2012

Struggling to sleep but don’t know why? We do. You’re OVER CAFFEINATED with coffee, tea, soft drinks, energy drink, snacks. Cut down on stimulants, especially in the evening, they interfere with falling asleep and prevent […]

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