Being Uncomfortable In Bed Disturbs Your Sleep

By Lisa Artis on August 11, 2017

Being uncomfortable in bed tops the poll when it comes to the main factor in disturbing sleep! That’s the result from our latest poll which found that just over of quarter of us cite our […]

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Create The Perfect Sleep Environment For National Bed Month

By Lisa Artis on February 28, 2017

March is one of our favourite times of the year because it’s the start of National Bed Month! Kicking off on the 1st March and running throughout the month, it’s our longest-standing awareness campaign that […]

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New Light Hearted Video Series To Put To Bed Key Sleep Messages

By sleepcounciladmin on July 28, 2015

The subject of sleep is very important to us here at The Sleep Council and whether it’s through our social media, PR campaigns, leaflets or videos we’re always drilling home the serious message about good […]

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Keeping Warm In Bed

By sleepcounciladmin on January 15, 2015

I don’t know about you but gosh it’s chilly at the moment and especially at night. It’s these kinds of days that make you want to go to bed earlier and stay in bed longer […]

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Feeling Blue…Well It’s Good For Sleep!

By sleepcounciladmin on May 23, 2013

If you want a good night’s sleep, apparently all you need to do is paint your bedroom! According to a new survey those with blue painted bedrooms tend to get the best rest – nearly […]

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Do You Check Your Social Media When You Can’t Sleep? Don’t!

By sleepcounciladmin on April 16, 2013

If you do a search for ‘can’t sleep’ on Twitter, you will find numerous updates from people who are struggling to get that elusive good night’s sleep. Same with Facebook. If I check my news […]

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Is Your New Year’s Resolution To Get Better Sleep?

By sleepcounciladmin on January 4, 2013

Sleep: we all do it, but nearly half of us don’t do it well. With those kinds of figures, it’s no surprise that many of you have made the decision to sleep better in 2013! […]

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Goodnight Britain TV Show Highlights Sleep Issues in UK

By sleepcounciladmin on November 29, 2012

So who watched BBC1’s TV show Goodnight Britain last night? Wasn’t it interesting? I really felt sorry for Gwen who so desperately wanted a good night’s sleep and Sheila, the lady who baked in the […]

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Have YOU Got The Perfect Sleep Environment?

By sleepcounciladmin on October 26, 2012

Do you have the Perfect Sleep Environment? Do you even know what the Perfect Sleep Environment should look like? Well now you can find out! For our annual event, National Sleep In Day we are […]

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