Set Bedtimes DO Work For Kids Sleep!

By Lisa Artis on May 25, 2017

It may seem simple but it’s true – a strict bedtime is the best way to ensure children get enough sleep. A recent study by Public Health Ontario in Canada found that children who were […]

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Which Sleep Character Are You?

By Lisa Artis on January 19, 2017

Sleepless nights will hopefully be a thing of the past as we launch our six, fun ‘Sleep Scenario’ characters on our brand new website. The exciting sleep profiles have been introduced to help people relate […]

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Teens and Technology

By sleepcounciladmin on September 16, 2015

As it’s Teen Sleep week in our Sleeptember campaign we thought we’d take a look at the impact of technology on sleep – in particular the effect it’s having on teens. It comes on the […]

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What Stops Teens From Sleeping?

By sleepcounciladmin on May 1, 2015

Throughout April we’ve been promoting Teen Sleep and the importance of getting teens to recognise why a good night’s sleep is vital to their health and wellbeing. One of the issues that crops up time […]

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New Teen Sleep Site Has Launched

By sleepcounciladmin on April 10, 2015

As teens up and down the country head into the stressful exam season, we at The Sleep Council, along with help from The Children’s Sleep Charity, have developed a brand new Teen Sleep website […]

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