The Sleep Council 7658044778_22dbe1e729_b-200x300 Teachers Say Lack Of Sleep Devastates School Day  We’ve been astonished at the findings from our recent teachers’ survey which looked into the sleep of primary school children and how it affects them at school.

Did you know that nine out of 10 teachers (92%) complain that pupils are so tired they are unable to pay attention in class? And that more than a third (38%) said lack of sleep among youngsters is a daily problem for them.

Nearly nine out of 10 teachers (88%) felt that too many distractions in the bedroom (games machines, TVs etc) were at the root of the sleep related problems along with the fact parents are simply not strict enough about enforcing bedtimes (82%).

It would seem lack of sleep has now become so widespread in primary schools that nearly a quarter (24%) of the teachers questioned admitted that they had had to resort to letting children who are very tired sleep in a corner of the classroom.

For two thirds of teachers (65%) the problem is so serious they consider that the long term progress of their pupils can be affected while nearly half (48%) said lack of sleep made children unruly and badly behaved.

These are some shocking statistics!

However one good point that came out of the survey was that More than half (55%) of the teachers questioned agreed that the brightest children in the classroom are the best slept and most wide awake.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, but a good night’s sleep is vital. And for children, a decent night’s sleep will help them to do better at school, will make them less susceptible to colds and other minor ailments, less irritable and better behaved!

The poll of 250 primary school teachers was conducted for us, as we launch our first ever ‘sleep awareness’ project for primary schools – “Better Brains with More Sleep” – as part of National Bed Month (March). It aims to teach children aged 8-11 the importance of a good night’s sleep and the factors – such as regular bedtimes and a good bed – that can affect it.

What are your thoughts on our survey? Do you know children who are often tired because they don’t go to bed early enough? Or do you have children and do you follow a relaxing bed routine and enforce bed times?

Would love to hear from you.

Lisa – The Sleep Council

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