The Sleep Council Woman-in-bed-texting-200x300 Texting Takes Over From Speaking But Doesn’t Help Sleeping  Text messaging is now the most popular form of daily communication between British adults according to recent reports.

The average Briton now sends 200 texts a month which is more than double the figure of four years ago. The report also found that British adults spent 3.3 hours a month social networking on a PC or laptop in 2011, up from 3.1 hours in 2010.

These are very interesting statistics which will almost certainly rise as more and more people purchase smart phones enabling people to communicate using social networking at any time of day.

It was found that 39% of UK adults now own a smart phone, a 12% increase on 2010 and that ownership of tablet devices, such as Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, has risen rapidly in the last year from 2% of UK households in the first quarter of 2011 to 11% in the first quarter of this year.

So what does this have to do with sleep I hear you ask? Well while this onslaught of mobile technology is all well and good, it does nothing to help you get a good night’s sleep as we become a nation of Over-Wired’s.

The growth of computers, TV’s, video games, social media, texting means we aren’t switching off properly before bed. Scientists have already warned us that using these devices too much can make it hard to wind down at night and claim that many people are struggling with an information overload caused by the blurring of boundaries between work and home. It seems people don’t understand that they don’t have to be ‘available’ 24 hours a day!

What you need to do is make sure you have a proper wind down routine for bed. Relax by having a warm bath, listening to some quiet music, reading a book, doing some yoga – all help to relax both the mind and body.  Check out our Wind Down video for tips.

Your bedroom should also be free of all gadgets and gizmos and kept for rest and sleep. Make sure you create the perfect sleep environment – it should be neither too hot, nor too cold; and as quiet and dark as possible.

Are you a text/social media-aholic? Do you struggle to sleep because you’re phone is beeping all night? We would love to hear your comments on this subject – good or bad!

Lisa – The Sleep Council Team

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