Following our competition with Christy last week, we’ve decided to hijack each other’s blogs in support of National Bed Month!

Below is The Complete Guide to Making a Bed from the lovely people over at Christy. You’ll find our blog on the Christy site here.

You may have read the title of this blog and wondered just how technical making a bed can be – but trust us, making a bed to the best possible standard can involve a number of steps you may not have considered. Here at Christy, we are passionate about luxury bedding and giving our customers the best night’s sleep possible, and there are all kinds of hints and tips we can give to ensure your bed is a well made, welcoming haven.

You might remember the beds at your grandma’s house having perfectly coiffed and neat corners, called hospital or military corners by many. These kinds of corners are also often seen in high-end hotel chains or boutique hotels. As well as corners that never budge an inch, no matter how restless your night’s sleep, there are various ways of making sure pillows stay plump and upright when you dress your bed, and tricks of the trade when it comes to sheets of all kinds – so read on for our top tips to make your bed look perfect.

The Sleep Council Evelyn-215x300 The Complete Guide To Making A Bed
Stack your pillows
For a look straight out of a interior magazine, or a high end hotel, you’ll need to perfectly stack your pillows.

This look works best if you have at least five pillows on your bed – four standard sleeping pillows, and one decorative. To achieve the perfect stacked look, assemble the pillows in height order, starting with the tallest at the back.

Use a fitted sheet and flat sheet

For the best possible sleeping surface, and a smooth finish, we recommend the combination of a fitted sheet and flat sheet. At Christy we only stock fitted sheets 36 centimetres in depth, rather than the standard 27cm, allowing for thicker modern mattresses.

Combine this with a flat sheet, with perfect corners – find out how to get the best corners below.

Ultra neat corners

Military or hospital bed corners are made using a flat sheet rather than a fitted one, and when you look at the bed from the side you can see a folded over effect – kind of like an envelope.
Using flat sheets to make military corners is a very traditional way of making a bed, but those who do it swear by it – compared to fitted sheets, flat sheets with corners make for a really smooth and taut finish, so you don’t have to worry about your sheet crumpling up or coming loose when you turn over during sleep.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to making these neat corners:

● Lay your fitted sheet on the mattress, and lay your flat sheet on top, ensuring it hangs equally over each side of the bed.
● Begin at either corner at the bottom of the bed, lift the mattress and tuck the fabric hanging at the foot of the bed underneath. You should now be left with fabric hanging down each side of the mattress.
● Take the excess fabric and lift up to the top of the mattress – this step should leave you with the edge of the sheet at a 45 degree angle with the corner of your mattress. Keep hold of this angle, tuck under the fabric still hanging down the side of the bed, and allow the rest of the fabric to fall.
● You should now have a corner which you can adjust to fit the corner of the mattress, and tuck in.
● Now just repeat the steps for the rest of the corners!

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