The Sleep Council SC-logo-smilies-mums-lo-res-300x255 The Gift Of Sleep Is Priceless  Flowers and chocolates – once staple classics for Mother’s Day gifts – have dropped off the radar in favour of ‘money can’t buy’ presents.   So if you’re wondering what to get your mum this weekend then one of the best treats you could give her is to let her have a nice long lie in.

A recent survey has found that a lie in is in the top five of what us mums really want for Mother’s Day. Others include spending time with their children, being treated to breakfast in bed or having an uninterrupted soak in the bath. All sound a perfect way to spend Mother’ Day rather than receiving a bunch of overpriced flowers!

And a good night’s sleep does wonders! Not only does it make you feel better – happier, and energised but you also look better too – think brighter eyes and skin.  And what mum doesn’t want to wake up feeling and looking good?

But a lie-in is no good, if the bed isn’t comfy! Make sure your mum is sleeping on a bed that is supportive and comfortable.  If the bed is more than seven years; it sags; is lumpy or looks past its best, then your mum deserves a new one and while a bed might seem like an expensive Mother’s Day present, it certainly is something that she should be treated to at some point.

On that note I wish you all a very happy Mother’s Day!

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