The Perfect ‘Well I Never’ Stories About Sleep and Beds  • Do you pandiculate often? Pandiculation is the medical term for yawning and stretching and experts seem to think that it might be a good way to keep fit! A London psychologist says that yawning is almost as good as doing early morning exercises, especially if you do all the stretching movements associated with a good wide yawn.

• The world’s sleepiest animals are said to be sloths, armadillo’s and opossums. They spend 80 per cent of their lives sleeping or dozing. But the Koala is the most sleepy, knocking up 22 hours a night!

• In 1987, the US Federal Highway Administration agreed to allow waterbeds to be fitted into the cabs of long distance trucks: drivers said the waterbeds smoothed out the bumps while they slept on the move (presumably while a colleague drives!).

• Sister Sharon Stringer and nurse Michelle Benkel from the Royal Masonic Hospital, London, hold the current pairs record for making a bed with an uncased pillow, one counterpane and ‘hospital’ corners, in just 14 seconds.

• An elderly couple holidaying in the Emerald Isle told The Sleep Council they booked into a remote farmhouse expecting an idyllic stay. But when they pulled their suitcase from under the bed the following morning, two legs appeared. Shocked, they told the landlady who admitted a man had died in the bed and had been put underneath it until they had time to move the corpse!

• Back in 1998 Vicar Brian Rawson told the Sunderland Echo that he delivered his church sermons from a bar stool because he suffers from narcolepsy, a rare sleep disorder which means he could drop off at any second. The vicar said that sitting helps him stay awake.

• According to the Encyclopedia of Superstition, if three people take part in the making-up of a bed, there is sure to be a death in the house within a year.

• The record distance for bed pushing is 5,204km (9,233 miles!). The record was set by nine employees of the Bruntsfield Bedding Centre, Edinburgh who pushed a wheeled hospital bed in an effort that lasted from 21st to 26th June 1979.

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Lisa – The Sleep Council

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