The Sleep Council CROPPED-What-time-the-average-Briton-goes-to-bed-infographic-246x300 Tick Tock – How Much Time Do We Spend Sleeping?  Do you know how many hours a year we spend sleeping?

The average Brit gets just six-and-a-half hours of shut eye a night which adds up to just 2,372.5 hours annually.

While we might need more, it’s important that the sleep you do get is of good quality and do you know what the foundation of good sleep is? Yes it’s a comfortable, supportive bed.

Research shows that an uncomfortable mattress can rob you of up to an hour’s vital, restful sleep. Our Bed MOT will help you determine if a new mattress would improve your chances of a better night’s sleep. Take the quick easy test here.

Remember if you spend £1000 on a new bed (and you keep it seven years, our recommended life cycle), that equates to less than 40p per night and if you want to break it down further just 6p per hour of sleep.

So if sleeping takes up 2,372.5 hours of our time, how does that compare to some of the other everyday tasks we do? The results are below….

  •  1,460 hours watching TV
  • 1,000 hours on the internet
  • 36.5 hours laughing
  • 115 hours spending quality time with the children
  • 43 hours exercising
  • 208 hours cleaning
  • 237 hours eating
  • 19 hours having sex

Food for thought isn’t it?

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