Volunteers Required For Channel 4 Sleep Disorders Programme

By sleepcounciladmin on May 19, 2016

Can you help?  7 Wonder Productions for men and women who suffer with sleep related health problems and feel it’s holding them back from living the life they dream of.
Are you awake all night and exhausted all day, feel like you’re living in a different time zone? Do night terrors make you afraid to go to sleep? Is your sleep walking, sleep talking, or excessive snoring stopping your family or partner from sleeping? Have you gained extra pounds raiding the fridge without even waking?
Whatever your condition, if you want to make a change and are interested in connecting with people going through similar experiences, they want to hear from you.
Sound like you? Get in touch now!
Call 0121 675 6709 or contact 7 Wonder TV at sleep@7wonder.co.uk

5 thoughts on “Volunteers Required For Channel 4 Sleep Disorders Programme

  1. I work nights because I feel so much better at night than during the d.ay. I can sleep 18hrs, just recently I slept 21hrs, I feel I have a disorder not just because I can sleep an excessive amount, but I feel ill when I wake up for about an hour and as soon as I feel tired I start to feel ill. I’ve felt like this all my life, it’s not something that has come on recently.

  2. When I go to bed I go straight to sleep, but spend the whole night have very vivid dreams which wake me sometimes, I have been able to remember my dreams since I was a child, plus had reacurring dreams over the years. I seem to toss and turn all night and wake up feeling like I have gone 8 rounds with Mike Tyson, I am so exhausted when I wake It takes me ages to function properly and my body aches so much, this has been going on for years.

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