At 2am on Sunday October 28 the clocks go back and we all get an extra hour to do with as we please!

So what will you do? 17 years ago we decided to name this day National Sleep In Day – designated the morning after the clocks go back as the one day of the year when we can linger in bed for a whole hour longer. Call us biased but for us it’s the perfect way to spend the extra hour!

The Sleep Council couple-asleep-cropped-300x106 What Will You Be Doing With Your Extra Hour?

As most of us don’t get the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep a night, this day provides you with the ideal opportunity to enjoy some extra time in the warmth and comfort of your bed, without any of the guilt! Having an occasional lie-in is important to catch up on missed sleep but make sure your bed is up to scratch.

An old, uncomfortable bed is not conducive to a good night’s sleep, let alone a luxurious lie-in – instead of waking up refreshed, revitalised and ready to face the world, sleeping on a grotty old bed is likely to give you a disturbed night and a stiff neck or back in the morning. Take our Bed MOT to find out if your bed cuts it!

But for those who don’t see this as the ideal way to spend your extra hour then here’s our top 10 things to do with those 60 minutes:

1. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast in bed and read the Sunday newspapers
2. Never have the time to exercise – now’s your chance!
3. Go visit family you don’t often get to see or pick up the phone to an old friend.
4. Treat yourself to a day of retail therapy.
5. Get outside! Wrap up warm and have a long leisurely autumnal walk or take the kids to the park.
6. Clear out your wardrobe/cupboards/toys – the jobs you NEVER have time for!
7. Potter in the garden and plant your winter bulbs.
8. Pick up that book you’ve been dying to get stuck into.
9. Bake – buns, cakes or whatever takes your fancy.
10. Just relax – whether that’s having a bubble bath, watching some TV or listening to some music.

So what will you do with your extra hour? We would love to hear from you.


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