What Women Want

By sleepcounciladmin on January 24, 2013

What Women Want  So what do women want? Is it to have the man of their dreams or a night of passion with a Hollywood hunk? Apparently not. It’s to have the best bed in the world and hours and hours of undisturbed sleep!

That’s according to a recent article in Best magazine where women were asked to choose between three doors – one that had their dream man behind it, one with a promise of a passionate night with a film star or the third option which was the comfiest bed with the fluffiest pillows and a guaranteed 10 hours of undisturbed sleep. And all, bar one, chose the third door.

So why did the women go for option 3? Simply put it’s because we all crave a good night’s sleep and for many of us, we don’t get it. Stress and worry, kids or discomfort in bed can all keep you awake at night.

The promise of a good night’s kip is really luring. Who doesn’t want to sleep well? I know I do. A good night’s sleep makes you feel better and look better, but also improves your health by decreasing the risk of heart attacks, diabetes, strokes and it helps us fight off minor ailments, deal better with depression and even tackle weight problems.

If you are struggling to sleep then take a look at our sleep leaflet here. A good night’s sleep may be easier to come by then you think – replacing an old bed or changing your sleep environment can have an enormous impact on your quality of sleep.

So go on, what would you have chosen? It may have to be door number 2 for me, but ssshh don’t tell the husband!

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