Which Side Of The Bed Do You Sleep On?

By sleepcounciladmin on November 9, 2012

Which Side Of The Bed Do You Sleep On?  The Huffington Post posted a great piece on how one in 10 couples argue over what side of the bed they sleep on, according to a new survey.

And that one in 20 men are unhappy with the outcome of those arguments! No surprise there then.

Everyone has their own sleeping positions – log, yearner, foetal etc and there is plenty of debate about how that position affects your sleep – but is the side of the bed people sleep on fundamental to getting a good night’s sleep?

I don’t know if I believe there is a science behind it. I think it’s likely you get a better night’s sleep if the left or the right side is ‘your’ side. There is also research that says those who sleep on the left are happier but I’m not convinced! The pundits will also suggest that lying on your left side aids digestion and prevents heartburn while sleeping on your right side is better for your heart.

Most people have a clear preference on what side of the bed they like to sleep on. I am most definitely a left sided sleeper. Luckily (or maybe the decision was forced?) my husband likes to sleep on the right. It’s not for any reason either. I know some prefer their side because it has a better view of the TV, is closer to the kids or is nearer/further away from the door/radiator etc. I do know that I don’t sleep as well if I’m on the right – but I think that’s down to the left being ‘moulded’ to my body and I sleep in a certain position on my preferred side!

I wonder what happens if you start a new relationship and you’re both lefties?! I would definitely have to fight my corner to stay on the left.

Which side do you like to sleep on? Would you ever swap?


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One thought on “Which Side Of The Bed Do You Sleep On?

  1. As my partner and I went to sleep last night, we had to swap sides as the kids were in the room and he wanted to be nearer to them. I did not sleep very well at all! From the foot of the bed looking at pillows I sleep on the left and him the right. It’s been this way since we got together. I’m nearer the door, although at my house I’m furthest away from the door. It’s just comfortable! But does it really mean that one of us is more dominant or happier?? It was a discussion we had before going to sleep as well!

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