Why Mondays are the Worst Day of the Week

By sleepcounciladmin on December 21, 2011

Why Mondays are the Worst Day of the Week  What’s the worst day of the week? Ask most people and the answer you will probably get is Monday or should that be Moanday!

It seems that Monday is far and away the hardest day of the week for people to drag themselves out of bed to go to work. Whether it’s what lies ahead for the working week, a barrage of emails sat waiting for us, too many late nights or over-indulgence of food and alcohol; it seems many of us suffer from the Sunday Night Blues.

For me it’s the regretting fact that I KNOW I should have spent more time in bed while I could, but didn’t as I wanted to cram as much as possible into my weekend! Ooops!

Last year our survey found more than half (54.6%) of those questioned thought Mondays were the toughest day to tear themselves away from the might of their mattress.  Recently a further study also backed up the theory.  And apparently more than half of us spend the day complaining – from tiredness and ill health to stress and workload – oh dear!

According to sleep expert Dr Chris Idzikowski  there is some scientific justification too. We go to bed later on Fridays and Saturdays and lie in longer meaning that we start to reset the internal body clock – and some of us are a lot more sensitive to such changes! By Sunday night we’re finding it harder to get to sleep earlier and get up earlier on Monday morning. The solution is, of course, to keep to regular bedtimes and consistent get up times.

I’d love to hear your comments about Mondays being the worst day of the week or any other day you think is even worse!

Lisa – The Sleep Council Team

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