Win! An Anti-Snore Pillow Every Day During National Stop Snoring Week

By sleepcounciladmin on April 25, 2016

Win! An Anti-Snore Pillow Every Day During National Stop Snoring Week
With snoring affecting around 40 per cent of the UK population, the British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association’s annual National Stop Snoring Week aims to make people aware that nobody needs suffer as a result of snoring: it is a condition that can be treated.
Snoring is one of the most common reasons why many people struggle to sleep and very few know what causes it and how to treat it.
Not only can snoring have a big impact on your sleep but it can affect your partners too.  One of the biggest complaints about sharing a bed is snoring and studies show that many British couple opt to sleep alone every night for this reason. For some ear plugs can be a huge help but when a partner’s snoring becomes a significant and ongoing problem, seek help. What starts off as a niggle can become a major issue– so it’s important to get it sorted.
Leading bedding specialist, Slumberdown has some top tips from its sleep expert, Sammy Margo, on how to tackle snoring:

1. Record your partner snoring
Recording the snoring and playing the sound back to your partner will help them both acknowledge that there is a problem, and understand the scale of it. Many snorers will spend years not actually realising how loud their snoring is. Once your partner is aware, they’re more likely to be more cooperative in tackling the problem and you’ll be in it together.

2. Use a snoring app such as quit snoring to help
There are several brilliant sleep apps out there that will help reduce snoring. I would strongly recommend one called ‘Quit Snoring’ which has been compared as one of the best snoring apps on the App Store. The app records and displays your information about your sleep, sleep environment and your snoring. When monitoring your sleep and detecting a snoring pattern Quit Snoring will play a message and nudge you.

3. Go to bed before your snoring partner
Choosing the correct pillow can actually effect your snoring considerably. Having a pillow that doesn’t support your head and neck will constrict your airways, and therefore increase the likelihood of you snoring. Try a pillow that is specifically designed to stop snoring, such as Slumberdown’s Anti-Snore pillow available at Tesco, £6.00. The ‘S’ shaped design of the inner foam core, supports the head and neck which encourages better breathing.

4. Try going to bed before your sleeping partner gets a chance to set of snoring
Going to bed before the snorer does will mean you won’t suffer from the anxiety of waiting for them to fall asleep and begin snoring which you know will keep you awake. Even if the snoring usually wakes you up, at least this way you can get a head start with your sleep and you never know, you might even sleep through the noise when your partner joins you.

5. Sew a tennis ball into the back of the snorer’s pyjamas
It might sound bonkers but it’s one of my best tips to prevent snoring. Sewing a tennis ball onto the back of the snorer’s pyjamas will make it uncomfortable to lie on their back, which is the position most likely to trigger snoring. Instead, the snoring partner will be forced to sleep on their side and will therefore be less likely to snore.

6. Try some throat spray
Throat spray is a brilliant, nifty and inexpensive solution to help reduce snoring. It works in the same manner as anti-snoring mouthwash, specifically formulated throat spray helps to tighten and lubricate your throat muscles, therefore encouraging better breathing. Natural formulations in certain sprays can last for up to 8 hours so you shouldn’t need to respray in the middle of the night.

Slumberdown is offering you the chance to win one of its Anti Snore pillows (worth £6), which have been created to help relieve the symptoms of snoring. One pillow will be up for grabs over the five days! Winners will be drawn at random.

The soft, hollow fibre pillow has been specially designed with a ‘S’ shaped inner foam core which helps encourage better breathing by supporting the head and neck correctly, and can therefore help to reduce snoring and improve sleep.
The daily competition closes at 4pm on each day from Monday 25th – Friday 29th April. Winners will be announced on The Sleep Council’s Twitter and Facebook pages. To enter you must follow AND retweet on Twitter OR like, comment AND share on Facebook.
For further information on the complete Slumberdown range click here.

Competition terms:
To enter you must be a UK resident over the age of 18
No purchase is necessary for entry to this free prize draw.
Entry is limited to one per person and exclusively via Twitter and Facebook.
This draw is not open to employees, partners and associated agents of The Sleep Council or anyone concerned with this promotion or to members of any of our sponsors’ products. Bulk entries made from trade, consumer groups or third parties will not be accepted.
There are five prizes available –a Slumberdown Anti-Snore Pillow.
Sorry, no cash alternative will be offered and the prize is non-transferable.
The closing date each day is 4pm over the period of Monday 25th – Friday 29th April. The winners will be drawn at random.
The competition winner will be notified as soon as possible. If the Promoter is not able to get in contact with the winner within 14 days, the prize will be forfeited and an alternative winner will be drawn. It is the winner’s responsibility to notify the Promoter of any change in contact information.
The winner may not use the prize in conjunction with any other offer, promotion or prize draw.
The prize is subject to availability and the Promoter reserves the right to change the prize to an alternative of similar value without notice if circumstances beyond their control require it to do so.
The Promoter reserves the right to reject fraudulent entries.
Proof of sending will not be accepted as proof of receipt. Responsibility cannot be accepted for entries lost, damaged or delayed due to technical problems.
The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any technical issues, system or software failures encountered during entry into the promotion.
The Sleep Council will not be liable for loss or damage whatsoever caused by matters arising from this promotion.
The winners will be asked permission for their names and county to be posted on social media.
The entry instructions form part of the Terms & Conditions. By entering, entrants agree to accept and be bound by the Terms & Conditions. Entrants must read and accept the competition Terms & Conditions to be eligible. The Promoter reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions.
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96 thoughts on “Win! An Anti-Snore Pillow Every Day During National Stop Snoring Week

  1. My partner snores like anything from the minute she falls asleep and it has been affecting my sleep for the past year. This would be of great help to us should I win. Willing to try anything!

  2. Great ideas to combat snoring but I bet your pillow is the best of all. Please can I win one we need it desperately thanks.

  3. I live on my own but still manage to wake myself up with my snoring nearly every night, I think the nights I don’t wake up are the nights I am to tired from not getting enough sleep on previous nights,

  4. I used to snore very badly, sometimes waking myself up! I went to the doctors and was refered to the ENT dept at the hospital. After various test ect (including a bilateral sinus wash out) I was given a UPPP and tonsillectomy to stop the snoring. This is an awful operation but did seem to work. That was nearly 20 years ago now.
    My snoring is starting up again, I am asleep but can feel myself snoring and my husband is now complaining. I would love to try this pillow to see if it helps before I go back to the hospital to see what cam be done again.

  5. Would live one of these for my partner he snores his head off n having a new baby as well I hardly b get any sleep this would be brilliant

  6. I use a spray, which seems very effective, but quite expensive; would love to see if this alternative works as well

  7. Past 15 years having my snoring husband next to me, looks like now they’ll go away and I would be able to sleep peacefully!!

  8. I suffer from Asthma that keeps me awake and also allergies so his would give me back a part of my life i have missed for so many years.

  9. Need to stop snoring as throats dry and sore when I waken up I can hear maself snoring actual wake maself up snoring need one of these in my life

  10. so need one of these pillows for my husband as his snoreing is driving me mad . please please help me by letting me win one of your anti snoreing pillows .

  11. My husband could so do with this pillow
    He refuses to believe he snores he says he is not asleep.
    As soon as his head hits the pillow he’s off,
    One of these days he will will be wereing the pillow if he doesn’t stop and let me get some sleep.

  12. How does one apply for the free anti snore pillow there is nothing to indicate how to apply for this although it is advertised as Free and must apply before 29 April, if there is no form to complete.

    1. To enter you must either follow us on Twitter and retweet the post OR like us on Facebook and like, comment and share the competition post. Thanks.

  13. This would be great to stop me snoring, then my other half won’t have to keep sleeping on the sofa for a nights sleep

  14. Chris Stevens April 26th

    My wife would love you forever to get relief drom my snoring, all that works at present is elbows and kicks

  15. Would love to win one for my daughter, she snore’s really heavy when she sleeps and have tried everything even medication xx

  16. I have been told that i snore,sometimes i even wake myself with a snort which i believe could Sleep Apnoea,i have spoken to my GP but i have not had a referral to a sleep clinic.Could be a combination of two things,anything that would help would be interesting…even advice on how to sleep better.

  17. I am 67 years of age and snore terribly according to my son, even my
    neighbour states that he has heard me snoring from downstairs in his

  18. I have gone downstairs and can STILL hear my husband , as can my daughter in the next room. I’ be shed tears and also gone to stay at friends’ houses just for a night of sleep and you’d not believe the difference a good nights sleep can make.

  19. I keep waking myself up with my snoring which makes me ill as i need more sleep and sometimes have to get medication to sleep. This amazing pillow could stop all this and give me peace of mind and sleepx

  20. Partner always snored but over last few years it’s got a lot worse to the point he wakes me up and have to get in spare bedroom due to how loud he is

  21. I’m the culprit in my house, always wake up tired how ever many hours sleep, I’m sure it’s because my snoring dose not let me sleep deeply enough, would love to try one of these pillows x

  22. Please can I have one for my husband as he just cannot help snoring – he is a v loud snorer – tried so so many things but nothing has helped yet and we are married now for almost 34 years so would love this to help my husband too – thank you for the opportunity.

  23. OMG. I would love to give this pillow to my husband. He snores so badly that we now sleep in separate bedrooms. We have tried everything going on the market apart from using a Cpap machine! Is this finally the answer?

  24. Snoring like a house? Well this pillow is just for you! Would love to grab this pillow to prevent sleeping with horses haha

  25. I snore bad, I also have sinus and ear problems which are making it worse, but iv snored before that , please end my snoring woes

  26. Mu husband is the snorer. I have to try to get to sleep before he does. Cuts out too much reading at night and I love reading

  27. Tbh It would just be nice to sleep night till morning with out thinking my husband is going to take of as the noise is hurrendous from his snoreing

  28. Love my husband to try this out he has sleep apnea and fibromyalgia.
    Then if it works on him I’ll buy one for me as I’m over tired myself and wake myself up snoring lol

  29. Yes please! My snoring has got worse since having my little boy. He wakes alot so I don’t think the broken sleep helps

  30. I have had my other half leave the bedroom in the middle of the night because I have repeatedly “apparently snored the house down” according to her.

  31. i wonder if this is equally or better than the tempur ones?
    both my parents are amazing snorers….and we got so many different kind, some work and some dont.

    if this is the solution, i would love to get them to test it out!

  32. would love to win this as my husband snores like a pig i would love to have a good night sleep please let me winthis fab prize.

  33. My partner snores like hell!!! I could do with this fantastic prize plz plz plz consider me an let me get a decent nights sleep!!!!!

  34. Inherited snoring from my father who already has such a pillow and it works! Would love for my friends/family to be free of my snoring too.

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